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Patented Vectorflo® semi-displacement hull provides a dry, stable and comfortable ride.
The science of Vectorflo® begins at the scoop-shaped bow, channeling air and water into the tunnel created by the catamaran's unique twin-hull design.

As air and water pass through the narrowing tunnel, they combine to create an aerated mixture that becomes compressed and increases in velocity. The ever-increasing compression and acceleration literally sucks the aerated mixture (and spray) aft.

 The increased velocity and pressure rushing beneath the hull creates an aerated water-cushioned suspension that works like a shock-absorption system, softening the ride, increasing stability and improving fuel efficiency. This is especially true in rough water.


When a wave enters the tunnel it submerges the Hydro-Ram causing the suction from the stern to draw air from it.
2.  The resulting action aerates the water, softening the ride.

3.  The suction also creates a vacuum within the Hydro-Ram chamber that inhales any returning spray.

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