Why is this important to you?

The National Marine Manufacturers’ Association has set standards for boat building that exceed all other industry standards. They physically inspect the boats to insure that they meet over 30 standards set by the US Coast Guard and American Yachting & Boating Council to insure that the boat you buy meets these very stringent standards.

This results in a boat that is up to five times safer to operate for you and your family than a non certified boat. It also is a Third Party unbiased inspection that protects your investment.

World Class Catamarans is the only one of the top three Catamaran Manufacturers in America to meet these standards.

This translates into higher resale values and more value for your dollar.

In 2004 World Class Catamarans has been boat certified for the 230SF, 250DC, & 250SF.

Yacht Certification has been awarded for the following models:
270SF, 270SD, 270LC, 270EC, 270SC, 270HT, 270HTS, 270TE and 330TE.

Why buy anything less than the best. Protect your investment and family with a NMMA Certified World Class Catamarans.

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