Fishing Reports 2004

12/16/04   Surf Anglers Catching Stripers at the CBBT
12/08/04   Catching Quality Striped Bass at the CBBT
12/07/04   Catching at the CBBT on 12-7-04
11/23/04   The CBBT (Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel) is HOT
11/10/04   Catching at the CBBT
10/29/04   Keep it on the Bottom
09/27/04   Catching on the Mid Bay
09/16/04   Fishing & Catching All Day
09/12/04   Fly & Light Tackle Fishing the Upper Chesapeake Bay
09/07/04   Sore Arms Feel Good!!
09/05/04   Sorpresa señor non una pe a, risco pescar
09/02/04   3 Captains…1 Boat!!
08/26/04   They Kept Biting All Day
08/24/04   Autumn Comes Early
08/23/04   Rockfish, Bluefish and Perch All Biting
08/14/04   2 Methods Were Productive Today
08/09/04   Best Trip of the Year
08/08/04   Quality Stripers in the Upper Chesapeake Bay
07/09/04   Fishing Turns Into Catching
06/25/04   Learning New Techniques Paid Off
06/24/04   Acres & Acres of Breaking Rockfish
06/14/04   Catching Big Croakers on the Chesapeake Bay
06/04/04   Right Choice Paid Off
06/01/04   Croaker Fishing On The Chesapeake Bay
05/21/04   Flounder Catching Aboard The "Ron Jo"