Why does the Sea Cat have a smoother and drier ride?

With only about 10% of the frontal area of conventional mono-hull boats, the hulls cut through choppy seas without the slam and spray. It’s like cutting through the water with two knives instead of a spoon.

Doesn’t the tunnel pound or sneeze?

The advanced design of the Sea Cat traps air and aerated water caused by spray from the chine. This aerated water, unlike solid water, is compressible giving an added cushion to the ride. A wide roll designed into the bow, just under the rub rail, turns water downward. This practically eliminates the sneeze or misting which is common on other Power Cats.

What makes the Sea Cat more fuel-efficient?

MWMR – Minimized Wave Making Resistance.
In a mono-hull, the width of the hull, required for stability, causes excess Wave Making Resistance. Wave Making Resistance accounts for much of the total resistance of a boat moving through the water. The twin hulls of the Sea Cat support each other, which eliminates stability as a compromising factor.

Why is the Directional Control superior on a Sea Cat?

Again, stability is the key. When a mono-hull rolls, the thrust of the engines oscillates from one side of the hull to the other and requires constant correction by the helmsman. On the Sea Cat, especially duel engines models; thrust is more in line with the hull. Helmsmen that who are not accustomed to a boat like this are inclined to over steer until they get familiar with this characteristic.

What about weight and passenger capacity?

The Sea Cat can carry weight more efficiently than a conventional boat primarily because a conventional boat must lift the weight up and over the Wave of Resistance. The greater the weight, the bigger this wave and the greater the speed required to keep the boat on a plane and not trying to bull doze the sea.

What about structural problems of a multi-hull?

At Sea Cat, we are not trying to win races by making the boat light. Also, we use a structural grid to which we bond the liner and hull together to form one very strong unitized unit. After the grid is glassed in the hull, the boxes formed by the grid are injected with foam for flotation. There is no wood used in Sea Cat Boats!

Don’t all Catamarans have these advantages?

Basically yes! All catamarans have many of the above advantages. The family of quality catamaran builders is increasing rapidly as the public becomes aware of these advantages. All of them have designs that accomplish some of the above. As with any other product, some are better than others. Look and compare standard features, performance and ease of maintenance, not just price alone!

What is the difference between a planing cat and a semi-displacement cat?

With the increasing popularity of power cats, these terms have taken on a somewhat different meaning. Nearly all of the popular power cats plane. A semi-displacement cat is “on plane” but does not have the ability to significantly raise its bow to achieve less water resistance and therefore greater speed and economy. In this “semi-displacement” configuration, the cat gives its best ride in rough chop because the two hulls are cutting through the chop. The Sea Cat has the ability to operate as a full planning cat as well as a semi-displacement cat. Simply trim the engines down to hold the bow down. Your speed will decrease to that of a “semi-displacement” cat, but you will get a better ride in rough choppy water. When you are in calmer water, trim the bow up for more speed and economy.

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