Twin Vee boats are designed and manufactured for safety first:

Foam Filled Hulls
- Our closed-cell foaming system is positively buoyant and will absolutely not  absorb any water.  This makes these boats virtually unsinkable!

Strongest Hulls - Twin Vee boats are built like tanks, and are considered by experts to be of the strongest production boat hulls built anywhere!  (with a lifetime hull warranty).

Self Bailing Cockpit - You don't rely on multiple bilge pumps (and batteries) to slowly remove water from the cockpit.  The Twin Vee cockpit even self-bails at complete rest, without the boat moving at all!

- Twin engine boats will come  up on plane with only one engine running.  If an engine fails, you can still get home safely. This light weight  also makes it easier and safer when trailering your boat on the road.

Low Freeboard - In extreme conditions, if the cockpit completely fills with water, the boat still floats level!  Just come up on plane and allow the self-bailing cockpit to quickly drain all of the water!

Rolled Finish Interior - Our practical non-skid “speckled” finish allows for moving about the boat quickly and freely without worrying about slipping and falling down.

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