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Glacier Bay, World Cat and Twin Vee make the best catamarans, in our opinion. 

Powerboat Reports

22' Twin Vee center console, an excellent, low-cost cat that delivers one of the smoothest rides we've ever experienced - cat or monohull...

Powerboat Reports

Just a note to tell you that I have put approximately 40 hours on my new Twin Vee 26. It has turned out to be a great off shore machine and a great bay boat as well. Have run outboards all my life and this is the best yet. Let me know if you are in Louisiana and I'll show you some real fishing. Thanks again for the personal service in rigging out…

M.J. "Mike" Foster
Governor of the Great State of Louisiana

On December 16 2002, my first trip (with 26 center console) outside in 4-6 ft. seas, to pick up a mate on a traveling rig headed to Boston. The performance of our 26 was truly fantastic! Things can get bad real fast out there in open water and its great to know the Twin Vee can take it. Capt. Chris Willis had informed me how well the vessel worked in the tow industry, I can now confirm the top notch performance of the Twin Vee personally; I am very impressed and tip my hat to the team!

Capt.CD Carmen
Charleston SeaTow

We've all heard of-and many of us have experienced-boat dealership horror stories. They wouldn't return my phone calls, they kept my boat for months to do a simple repair, they charged me twice the estimated price, and so on. In fact, poor customer service is the number two reason most often cited by dissatisfied boat buyers as to why they would not buy a new boat again. If you're afraid of living out this kind of nightmare and are considering buying a boat from Twin Vee of Maryland, I can put your worries to rest. 

Since taking delivery of my 19 Bay Cat, Peter Jones, from Twin Vee of Maryland, has been incredibly responsive. Every time I've called him he has gotten back to me in short order, the issues I've raised have been addressed quickly and I have not been forced to experience any excessive out-of-pocket expense. When I first started shopping for a new boat Peter once said "At Twin Vee of Maryland, we're all about customer service." At the time I let it go in one ear and out the other, as a claim many make and few live up to. Eight months after taking delivery, I can verify it as the truth.

I extend my hearty thanks to Twin Vee of Maryland for fantastic service, before, during and after the purchase of my boat. Their record with me is absolutely sterling!

--Lenny Rudow

Lenny Rudow is Senior Technical Editor for Boating Magazine, and writes for several other national and regional marine publications. With hundreds of boat tests and thousands of published articles to his credit, Rudow is recognized as a national authority on sportfishing and fishing boats.

Dear Twin Vee of Maryland,

The boat hull was pounding hard while rolling from side to side on the way back into Ocean City Maryland after a hard day tuna fishing. The Atlantic Ocean was somewhat angry, tossing 4 to 5 foot swells.  I was not expecting this type of ride from a 'top of the line' high dollar mono-hull boat.

My fishing partner, Bill, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Tom look how smooth that boat is riding - it's up high on the swells and cutting right through them".  We both noticed the hull was different and as it got closer we noticed it was a catamaran.  This boat was moving fast and the hull wasn't pounding.  Two of the anglers aboard were standing on the deck drinking their favorite beverage. "That's it, before purchasing my next boat I'm going to do some research on these catamaran hulls", I said to Bill.

The following winter I had the opportunity to fish out of a 22' Twin Vee PowerCat.  We launched in covered waters that were somewhat calm.  The first sight of the Chesapeake Bay showed she was choppy as usual on a winters day.  As soon as we entered the Bay the hammers went down and the PowerCat showed her stuff.  We crossed the Bay on a smooth and dry ride.  I was impressed - very impressed.  (I have also fished from a 20' Twin Vee PowerCat throughout this past year.)

As a professional fly & light tackle guide, these are what I'm looking for in a boat:

Proven Safe & Reliable - This speaks for itself

Smooth & Dry Ride - Under windy conditions

Fast Moving
- To minimize travel time

Shallow Draft - Shallow enough to cross 1' of water

Casting Platform - For fly & light tackle fishing

Accept a Trolling Motor - Fish quietly & stay on productive areas

4-Stroke Motor - For quietness and to help keep pollution down

Drive-On Trailer with Disc Brakes - Dry feet in cold weather and minimize stopping distance

After researching & fishing from a 20 and 22 foot Twin Vee PowerCat, I am now the proud owner of a 20' Twin Vee Center Console.

Capt. Tom Hughes
Chesapeake Guides Association
Catonsville, Maryland


Thank you again for the test ride on your Xtreme several weeks ago. As you know I took delivery on my own 26' Xtreme a few weeks ago. Thursday I had a chance to do a real live shake down trip in 4-6 foot seas with an occasional 8 footer mixed in. The boat performed as promised. We had a quartering sea most of the day as the wind was howling out of the east. This hull NEVER slams into the water, even when you catch a wave wrong the boat forgives you and just sort of sets itself back into the water. We bottom fished most of the day hooking to oil rigs. No boat is comfortable in those conditions but this one virtually eliminated that severe rolling motion common to monohulls. It was one seriously stable platform to fish from in these EXTREME conditions. 

The larger console is the perfect match for this boat. The extra storage is very user friendly, the rigging of electronics was comfortable, not some stand on your head for 2 hours exercise in soldiering. All in all I am very happy with the purchase experience. Johnny...has been a real friend through the entire process (which started about 1 full year prior to me actually ordering a boat). He is patient with my endless questions and delivered on everything he said he would do. 

I have a few friends up here that questioned my decision to go with a Cat. One by one as I get them out on the water their questions are changing from "why would you buy this boat?" to "how can this be so?"
Twin Vee:

I recently purchased a Bay Cat 19...This was after I had looked at twin hulls for about two years. I was looking for comfort in my retirement years. The boat is of such size that I can either bottom fish or flats fish in skinny water. The ride is amazing. I opted for the 115 Suzuki and I get plenty of power and speed and great fuel economy. 

The boat is real easy to load and unload which I can do by myself without any difficulty. 

The amount of room is amazing! Friends that look at it or take a ride can't get over the room... 

I had someone call me to ask how I like the boat. He told me that his two choices were a flat bottom skiff and the 19' Twin Vee. I told him that the skiff was a hemorrhoid maker and that the Twin Vee was more soothing than Preparation H... 

Mark Krause


As you know we (Dolphins Pacific) purchased 4 boats for our dolphins project in Palau. 

We are very satisfied with all 4 vessels. The only words I can use to describe the 26 ft C.C. is "eats the ocean up!" I fish off-shore 20+ miles weekly, why anyone would consider buying a mono-hull when these boats are available is a mystery to me!

Dear TwinVee,

I've taken out my 19' Bay Cat twice now, once in freshwater and once in salt water. It performed better than I expected both times.

And you would not believe the attention it gets. Boaters pointing and looking, asking what is it? Where did I get it? How shallow will it run? I expected to turn a few heads, but not this much. People in this part of the country are used to seeing boats like this out in the Gulf, not in the back bays. 

Robert Lee Garza

Dear Roger,

Now back in England to spend Christmas with the family. I just wanted to wish you and your most excellent staff a very happy Christmas and prosperous 2002. You have a wonderful organization and deserve, it seems to me, a very successful business indeed.

The 26' Center Console I recently purchased from you is absolutely fantastic. I have never owned a boat that rides the seas so smoothly. My neighbors just cannot believe its performance and compare it to a boat 40' for comparable performance. I just love it.

You are all so charming and helpful that it's a pleasure to do business with you, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to taking delivery of your new 19' Center Console. It will be just great for the family skiing and river fishing.

I will be writing shortly to Ray informing him of my final specification for the 19' boat, and of my return date to Stuart 

Yours sincerely, 

Peter Griffiths

Dear TwinVee,

We are nine Italian people that have spent vacation in EXUMA BAHAMAS.
Capt. Jerry Lewless ( ran us with an EXTREME 26 '' powered 2 x MARINER 135 OPTIMAX during about 600 miles sometimes with rough seas. Neither of us can believe what a fast, stable, soft and dry ride this boat offers. Perfect for deep and shallow sea. The engines (ten persons plus diving equipment plus food and water, etc.) have burned without smell and smoke 1 gallon/ 3 miles running 29 miles per hours ! THANKS for the great product . 



Love my Twin Vee, I have only had it out 5 times, but like it more each time. The fastest to date was 55mph with 2 people, gear, and a slight chop. That is measured by the paddle wheel on my depth finder so I don't know how accurate it is. The last time out we had 3' seas running with a 20kt wind and I had to run at 38mph to stay on top without porpoiseing. I 'm here to tell you that running at that speed in a conventional hull would have been insane. It was not easy for me to push the throttles up for the first time. After 30 years running conventional hulls, but when I did "WOW" what a great ride. I think I sold a boat for you as the person with me will be in the market for a new boat when he sells his present one. He was set on a Parker until riding with me. The one thing he didn't like about the Parker was the pounding in rough seas. I was with a fellow Twin Vee owner and friend of yours last night, Chris Dollar, from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. We are both members of the Chesapeake Guides Association. He had good things to say about you and your boats.




I thought you might want to share my last trip from Nassau, Bahamas to Ft. Lauderdale, FL with some of your clients.

On Saturday, February 3, we left Nassau Harbor at 11:30 am with a full tank of fuel. We entered the marina at South Bimini at 3:00 pm using sixty-eight gallons of fuel. We ran 37+ miles per hour the entire way. We then left and headed for Ft. Lauderdale at 3:30 pm in a six to eight foot sea, which we managed to maintain a speed of thirty miles per hour. We were in the inlet at Ft. Lauderdale at 5:30.

Needless to say we didn't see many boats in the Gulf Stream on that day. As a matter of fact the Coast Guard was looking for a fifty-foot yacht that had declared "mayday".

The fact that we are always the only boat out on rough days under forty feet has become normal for us. The guys with the big, expensive center consoles are always a little embarrassed when our 26-foot boat pulls away from them in four to six foot seas.

The next time you are in the Bahamas, please give me a call.


Jerome E. Lewless, II


Dear Twin Vee,

I bought the first Outrageous 20 here in San Diego recently and have used it offshore on several occasions. I cant tell you how comforting it is to me to know that when I am 35 miles offshore and everyone is having to return to the barn because it is too rough for their mono-hulls, that I am still sitting stable and dry. It is also a nice feeling when I can run at 25 knots to the fish when everyone in a monohull is having run at 15-20 knots to keep their bait alive.

Thanks for the great product!



Dear Twin Vee,

Just a recommendation: advertise your 10.5" tender in "Cruising World" and emphasize the foam filled catamaran buoyancy, low HSP requirements, idle speed self-bailing, light weight, and leak proof characteristics as well as enormous stowage capacity that is superior to inflatables. I've sailed many years and most people simply don't know anything better. Their ignorance is your loss.

Keep up the good work,




I'm writing to let you know how happy Anita and I are with the Twin Vee Cat we purchased from you recently. As you know, we bought the 10.5 ft. Cat for the intended purpose of using it as a Tender on our Trawler. We were tired of all the problems associated with inflatables and wanted a tender that had the stability of an inflatable and the resilience of a fiberglass boat. Well, we got all that and more. Neither of us can believe what a soft, dry ride this little boat offers. I've powered it with a 15hp outboard and even at full speed the boat is comfortable and dry. I can't believe what a sort entry the boat has when coming down off large wakes. Another feature that we didn't expect is the incredible stability the boat has. Both my wife and I can stand on one side of the boat and the gunnel doesn't move down more that a few inches. This will make boarding the boat from a swim ladder very easy. Also, the space available inside the boat must be twice that of a comparable size inflatable. All things considered, this is truly the slickest little boat I've seen and I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a rugged, stable, roomy tender that offers a very dry, soft ride.

Best Regards

Pete Ferioli


Dear Sirs,

Just a note to express my sincere appreciation for the great service I have experienced over the years at your Twin Vee factory office in Port St Lucie, FL. As a true Twin Vee (fanatic) enthusiast and avid fisherman, I have enjoyed my progression up the size ladder of Twin Vee boats. I started with a 10' dingy (just to try out the double hull), purchased (and still enjoy) my 17', upgraded to a 20', and then just had to have a new 22', which was delivered in June, 1999. I cannot give the Twin Vee boats high enough praise for their performance, reliability, safety, dryness and maneuverability. They are real quality boats and perfect for deep sea or local fishing. Also, it has been a real pleasure working with Roger and David at the factory. They have gone above and beyond to provide me with boats that have suited my various fishing and pleasure boating requirements. They have responded to my inquiries on additional parts as well as answering technical questions. Thanks for being so professional and service oriented - in a day when customers are often greeted with unknowledgeable and unmotivated sales staff. I look forward to having Twin Vee's well into the future.


Larry Olson
Stuart, FL


Dear Sirs,

I've owned my 17' Twin Vee since January 1998. I do a lot of fishing and most of the time by myself. The boat has been perfect for me. It's easy to handle and to trailer. It's a great fishing platform and rides Great, especially in a chop.

Dennis O'Toole
Stuart, FL


Twin Vee,

It was one of those days when everything seemed against a good day of fishing. As my daughter Beth and I loaded our Twin Vee 20 just before daybreak on December 13, 1999, she commented on how the wind was really wiping: small craft warning had been posted the evening before. It was one of the few days that she and I could fish together so we decided to make the trip. When we reached the landing, the wind was really puffing (the NOAA station predicted a sustained 25 miles per hour with gusts up to 35 miles per hour out of the north, but I think that may have been somewhat conservative), not another boat in sight, plus it was miserably cold. As I opened the truck door, a northern blast of cold air blew the door from my grip and wide open, giving us a glimpse of what was to come...but we had made the drive, decided to at least put the boat in the water and motor to the end of the canal...just to see how rough the bay really was. The Vermilion Bay was rough...a four to six feet sea would be a safe guess...not a boat in sight. In the slight chop of the canal the Twin Vee 20 did great. So we ventured beyond the canal into the open water of the bay. What can I say, the Twin Vee was beyond great. Therefore, we decided that the wind was just a minor inconvenience and the rough sea would ensure our favorite fishing spot would not be crowded. We crossed the bay...two miles of semi-protected (protected on the east) and five and a half miles of open water...and fished in total isolation the entire day. This was a wonderful trip. We caught fish; we enjoyed each other's company; and we learned how great the Twin Vee really is. 

The Twin Vee did not pound, and she performed better than I had ever expected. My boat is powered by a single 115 Yamaha with a four blade 13 x 17 SWW prop; so she is not the fastest thing on the water, but she runs the same speed in almost any condition. 

Plus, when the water is as rough as it was on the thirteenth, my Twin Vee is the fastest thing on the water since we were the only ones out. Upon returning to the landing, we met another boater. He had ventured as far as the end of the canal but determined it was too rough for his seventeen foot semi-vee and was heading home empty handed. At my truck I noticed a business card stuck under the windshield wiper. A friend had made the rip out into the bay but decided it was too cold and entirely too rough to make the trip and had turned back in his eighteen foot Whaler. My Twin Vee is a great boat. She takes the rough seas in stride, her draft is such that I can fish the flats, and she is large enough to host a party onboard. The only problem I have encountered has been with matching the motor and prop with the boat. David East of Twin Vee has been most accommodating in solving the problem. Ronnie Gilbert of the Prop Shop in Lafayette, Louisiana has been a great resource and help.

Ken Burke


Dear Roger,

Yesterday Pappy received the Power tech 4-blade, 11-pitch prop. Thanks for your very prompt response. In forty years of buying boats from 8' to 80' I have never found an organization that is as much a pleasure to deal with as your group from Twin Vee. Last week we spent two days fishing the 17' in Boca Grande Pass. The boat was more than I ever expected - it is one fabulous little fishing machine. I can't wait to take it to the Bahamas. I will send pictures on how it rides up top.

Again, thanks for all your help and interest.


Charles Royal



After speaking with you the other day, I went to Lockwood Marine in Georgia and purchased the Twin Vee 22' with the twin Honda 90's. I must admit that after running the boat for a few hours in whitecaps I am now truly a believer. What a ride! This is the smoothest thing this side of a Hatteras.

William R. Russell Jr.
Jacksonville, FL

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