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Twin Vee Scores High with Captains

James Peters and Kevin Hunter have heard just about every kind of fish story and seen every type of fishing boat possible during their years as charter captains along the Louisiana coast.

When they saw the Pilot Console enclosure on Twin Vee's line of big boats, however, they knew that they were looking at something totally new among power catamaran fishing boats.

And when they each experienced long fishing trips during cold, wet and windy conditions far off the Louisiana coast, their curiosity had transformed into conviction.

Peters is so convinced of the Pilot Console's value that he has purchased a Twin Vee 36 Pilot Console model and has already started using the vessel for his fishing charter business. His smaller, center-console catamaran from another manufacturer will soon be sold, he promised.

Hunter not only owns at Pilot Console 32 but, as the owner of Louisiana Marine Brokers, he has ordered a number of comparable 32-foot and 36-foot Pilot Consoles in order to meet the demand for the boats among the fishing captains in southern Louisiana.

Why are the boats so desired by those who have placed orders?

"If I forgot everything I knew about fishing, this is the boat model that I would buy," Hunter said.

"It is so comfortable in there. It never gets too hot because of so many windows you can open. And there is perfect visibility because you are close down to the water rather than up in a pilot house as on a sportfisherman," he said.

"The bottom line of this model's value is that a lot of the guys fish out of their boats for a living. And if you are in that environment every day, especially running long distances, it is much less work," Hunter said. "Because of the amount of abuse you take being outside being in the wind and the sun everyday, especially in winter time, the Pilot Console makes life so much more tolerable."

He will soon install a reverse-cycle air conditioner in his Pilot Console cabin in order to provide year-round comfort for his charter clients and himself.

"To have all the advantages of the cat -- comfortable in seas going 30 mph in 4-5' seas -- and having an enclosed space in cold or hot weather, then I'm going after that," he said.

Peters said his "jaw dropped" when he first saw Hunter's Twin Vee 32 pull up to a fuel dock near his Venice, La. marina slip.

"The roominess in the boat is amazing. And then I went with Kevin on the Pilot Console model. It was a night trip and it was really nice inside, especially when we were going 60 miles offshore and there was some rain," Peters said.

"I'll admit that what sold me first on the boat was the room. But then I realized that buying the Pilot Console just makes more sense. Anywhere you go up north along the coast, the commercial guys all have cabins," Peters said.

Also the owner of a 30-foot sportfishing boat, Peters said he is impressed with the Pilot Console's walkaround fishing capability that allows two fishermen to pass and provide escape from inclement weather.

The value to Peters is not just comfort but also increased business revenue. The lifelong fisherman with a decade of chartering experience said he takes out clients some 150 days a year. With the Pilot Console, however, he expects to make dozens more trips a year because of the protection offered during the long trips to and from the best fishing grounds.

"I can think of plenty of situations where I'll be fishing on days that I wouldn't go out in the past and I am going to be able put people on fish more than I would have before," Peters said.

The Pilot Console interior accommodates up to five fishermen and provides an enclosed head compartment. Fully lockable, the Pilot Console allows for secure storage of electronics and fishing tackle.

For more information of this exciting option for 32-foot and 36-foot models, contact a Twin Vee dealer near you. You can find the closest dealer by visiting Twin Vee's Web site at


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