June 2004 Issue

By Dean Travis Clarke


Twin Vee 3612 Center Console

Ever seen a supermodel without all the makeup and couture? They look pretty average. Twin Vee represents the nautical version of the unadorned supermodel. Built with rolled-edge construction, it definitely has a utilitarian appearance. However, this mammoth addition to the Twin Vee line can honestly boast that it has no superiors in the offshore performance arena.

That rolled edge offers some distinct advantages. For example, combined with a 12-foot beam, this 36-footer has the same cockpit space as the average 50-foot sport-fishing convertible. Enjoy unobstructed movement anywhere aboard. Add as many rod holders in the gunwales as you wish. Its a piece of cake to work on, and cleaning after a day of fishing could hardly be easier.

We recently ran it in 3- to 4-foot seas at 40 mph as well as substantial chaotic chop and could not have been more impressed. Top speed with a pair of 250-hp Suzuki four-strokes hit 48 mph. Wed have absolutely no problem taking this open boat out to the Northeast canyons at 35 mph, thanks to the ride, massive 340-gallon fuel tank, and miserly four-stroke power. And believe it when trolling in big beam seas, you dont get more stable than a 36-footer with a 12-foot beam.

Want to fish backcountry once in a while? With engines trimmed out of the water, the Twin Vee 3612 carries a draft of 17 inches. That means that up on plane, you can run this 36-footer in water as shallow as 2 feet.

Twin Vee also offers this same terrific hull in pilot house, and sedan versions with a flybridge model are in the works.

LOA: 35 ft.10 in.
Beam: 11 ft. 11 in.
Draft: 1 ft. 5 in.
Deadrise: Planing catamaran
Weight: 4,950 lb. (w/o power)
Fuel: 340 gal.
Max power: T300-hp OB


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