June 2004 Issue


Suzuki DF250 Four Stroke

Those who want the best low-end torque and highest possible speeds from their outboards have stuck with two-stroke power. Until now, that is. When it comes to performance, Suzuki's new family of kick-ass V-6 engines (200, 225 and 250 hp) stack up unashamedly against the best the two-strokes world has to offer. You can't argue with 3.6-liter displacement - the largest of any V-6 four-stroke. Additionally, a 2.29:1 gear ratio affords you the luxury of turning a 16-inch prop, larger than comparable four-strokes can handle.

With a 55-degree block, these V-6s are smaller than the competition. The proven offset drive shaft moves the engine farther forward on the transom for better center of gravity and balance. Variable valve timing on the DF250 provides incredible low- and midrange torque, which are especially needed on bigger boats. Multistage induction features two separate air intake pipes - one for low speed and one for high revs. Suzuki builds an ignition coil into each spark-plug cap, resulting in fewer parts and less electronic noise to interfere with navigation and communications equipment. And so you'll never have a problem keeping that equipment powered up, Suzuki mounts a 54-amp alternator (a full 32 amps at trolling speed) under the flywheel, where it no longer needs a power-robbing belt drive and where the flywheel fins can help cool it, too.

Suzuki realized early on that its four-strokes ran so quietly, people often turned the key to start them while the engine was already running. Consequently, the company now has an electronic cutout to prevent the starter motor from engaging when the outboard is running.

And finally, Suzuki's 32-bit computer boasts twice the power of other outboards, providing better performance control.

TYPE 55-degree V-6
DISPL. 220.5 cid
MAX RPM 6,100
ALT. OUTPUT 54 amps
WEIGHT 580 lb.
MSRP $18,293








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