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The Ocean Cat 3612

By Charles Chiodi

There is no question that every catamaran ever built will provide a softer, more comfortable ride than a comparable "V" hull boat. However, among cats, there is the latest performer – the new Twin Vee Ocean Cat 3612.

Twin Vee is long regarded as building one of the best riding cats, size for size, on the water. In business for 10 years, Twin Vee is one of the very few cat-manufacturing companies with experience in building cats ranging in size from 10 to 36 feet.

Consequently, the company is uniquely qualified to accomplish the entire design and tooling process, completely in-house. The result has been nothing short of remarkable. The true planing hull provides an exceptionally soft ride. She can cruise comfortably at 35+ mph in 3-to 4-foot chop (top speed in mid 40s).

One boating review editor recently made the following comment on the new Twin Vee Ocean Cat 3612: "The best riding 36-foot boat on the water.”

In addition to a smooth ride, it also has exceptional shallow-water capabilities and can not only run, but take off in as little as two feet of water. Cats generally don’t squat nearly as much as V-hulls during acceleration. Scooting across the shallows is much less harrowing when knowing that the boat only needs two feet of water beneath it.

The efficient hull design provides exceptional performance with relatively minimal horsepower. In fact, the boat will run at planing speeds on just one engine with the other trimmed up to get you home safely in case of engine failure. Further, the engine hydraulic systems are completely separate, ensuring that catastrophic engine or electrical malfunction on one engine does not effect the other.

One hallmark of Twin Vee continues to be that all of their boats are made with foam-filled, self-bailing hulls. The Twin Vee Ocean Cat 3612, true to its lineage, possesses these features. It is true peace of mind knowing that the boat will stay afloat in any severe weather or sea condition. In fact, the company is so confident in its superior construction that every boat comes with a Limited Lifetime Hull Warranty.

The combination of the 12-foot beam and the functional design results in an usable cockpit space of a 50-foot sportfisherman. In fact, the entire boat design facilitates customization to meet each individual boater’s needs, be it fishing, diving, long-range cruising, or any combination thereof. For example, there are as many as five different configurations of the basic Twin Vee Ocean Cat 3612:

1. Center console
2. Weekender cabin
3. Walk-around pilothouse
4. Sedan
5. Flybridge (available with electronic upper steering stations)

Within each one of these versions, there are a variety of major components available to customize your specific fishing or boating requirements.

To summarize, there are five basics that make the Twin Vee Ocean Cat 3612 different from any other boat in production today:

1. Shallow-water capability: can run in as shallow as 2 feet of water.
2. Comfortable and safe offshore capabilities: the ability to run comfortably and safely in real-world offshore conditions.
3. Can cruise comfortably at 35+ MPH in 3-to 4-foot chop (Top speed in mid 40s).
4. Highly efficient as a result of the unique hull design, especially when powered with twin Suzuki 4-stroke 250s providing impressive cruising range.
5. Significant stability gained by the 12-foot beam as well as the usable cockpit space of a 50-foot sportfisherman.

About Twin Vee:
Twin Vee, Inc. builds 9 sizes in 16 different models of power catamarans. All of their boats are 100% foam filled and come with a limited lifetime hull warranty.




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LOA 35' 10"
Beam 11' 11"
Hull Draft 17"
Fuel Capacity 340 gal
Weight 4,950 lb
Maximum Total HP 2 X 300




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