December 2001 Issue


Center Console Shopping

Dear Powerboat Reports, 

I am looking to move to a 22' center console. What do you consider the top boats in this size? Rough-water handling and speed are important, as we travel long distances at times in the sometimes rough waters off the Canadian west coast.

Ken Elsom

We've spent considerable time (130+ hours) running a Twin Vee Awesome 22, a bare bones center console catamaran powered with twin 90-hp Suzuki four-strokes (see August issue, Page 8).

The Boat handles rough water extremely well, gobbling up the 2'-3' slop of Long Island Sound. We've also run it comfortably at 15 knots in 4' seas. Slamming and pounding is almost non-existent. The boat is inexpensive too, coming in at around $31,000 with a pair of four-stroke Suzuki 90-hp four-stroke outboards. The boat alone costs only $15,000, mostly because it has no hull liner.




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