The Baltimore Sun
, 1998


Power and Elegance on Display at the Boat Show

By Peter Baker

Henry Hungerford pushed the throttles forward and headed for a charterboat passing into the Severn River outside Annapolis Harbor.  The 22-foot catamaran shot ahead, twin hulls riding lightly over the wavelets before easily knifing through the charterboat's wake at 30-plus knots.

 "On these boats, that wake is nothing," Hungerford said during one of many demonstration rides aboard a Twin Vee Awesome 22 last week at the United States Powerboat Show.  "We need some waves, some real rough water, to get a feel for what these boats can do.  Give me 20 knots of wind on the nose and three or four-footers and I'd really show you the difference between these cats and a normal 22-footer."

However, on Thursday at the mouth of the Severn, the wind was light, the waves and wakes were inconsequential and Hungerford had to be content with speed trials and handling demonstrations.
  And the 22-footer, powered by twin 70 horsepower, four-stroke Suzuki outboards, performed well, coming up on plane at low rpms, running quietly and dry at more than 30 knots and turning nimbly at high speeds.

Jim Snyder of Williamsport, who keeps a 31-foot monohull at Kentmoor Marina on Kent Island, was aboard for a test ride Thursday and came away impressed.
  "I have a Wellcraft that I use mostly for fishing," said Snyder, "but this [the Twin Vee] is really different -- smoother, stable, spacious for a 22-footer -- and those four-stroke outboards are so quiet you almost don't know they are there."

Twin Vee's line of plain, no-nonsense powered catamarans are at the bottom of the price range for power cats.  The Awesome 22, with T-top, bait wells, basic instruments and twin outboards, is affordably priced, one of the bargain fishing boats at the show.




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